International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation
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This page is an archived version of the original 2019 competition webpage (date of archiving: 2019-11-24)


This page contains explanations of how to submit the solvers as well as formal requirements to participate in the competition. Please pay close attention to the notes on this page and on the rules page: we require that those comments are strictly followed.

We welcome submissions of genuinely novel ideas as well as new approaches building (techniques of) existing implementations. In any case, the participants are required to (i) list all used solvers or implementations in the system description, and (ii) ensure that they hold the required rights to do so.

Submission Procedure

The competitors first need to declare their interest to submit their solver and participate to the competition (by March 1 2019).

In order to register the solver, the competitors need to prepare their solver description (2-4 pages, using the EasyChair style, and submit it to Easychair by using the link https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iccma19. Please check the "Solver" button during submission.

This paper also has to indicate
  • the name and affiliations of each team member,
  • the name of the solver,
  • the classical/dynamic tasks that the solver will be able to handle (a complete list can be found here),
  • the system architecture, which features or functions the system provides, what design choices were made and what lessons were learned.

In addition, the paper has to mandatorily report the link to the public Docker repository (https://hub.docker.com) from which the solver can be pulled and then tested in the competition. A short guide participants can use to dockerize their solver can be downloaded from this link. If competitors do not want to publicly offer their solver, links to private repositories can be communicated to iccma19@gmail.com.

Final Submission

Registered competitors will receive a sample of the frameworks on which their solver will be tested (by mid of March).

Registered competitors are allowed to modify the submitted container with their solver until April 1 2019, when the final version will be pulled for testing.

Note that even if Docker repository links need to be communicated by March 1 2019, dockerized solvers will not be downloaded and tested before April 1 2019 (i.e., the repository can stay empty until April 1).

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